Information Generated From Practical Experience In The Current Market Place

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Here's the Story


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Bill was up front with his employer about what was going on, and was able to turn the idea of going into business to a win-win proposition. Bill went through a two to three year transition phase, from working full time for his employer while training a replacement estimator within the company ranks, to working four days a week, to three days a week, to eventually going off the company payroll. This transition was greatly helpful in keeping Bill busy while slowly building up his clientele by word of mouth. Nearly two decades later Bill's previous employer remains an occasional client.

So the story of BACS isn't one of where Bill made a big risky plunge. Instead, with the support of others and patience, the business ended up coming to him rather than vice versa. Bill is especially grateful to Wade Perrow and Tom Marshall of McGranahan Architects for helping this become a reality.